Center for Contemporary Printmaking
Norwalk, Connecticut   
This is an exciting place for me to make my prints, where excellent exhibits are shown and professional classes are given.





Japan Society and Asia Society
 New York, New York 
I grew up surrounded with Oriental art and have a background in Chinese painting, these venues refresh and stimulate me.





Louvre Museum
Paris, France
Needless to say, the riches of the Louvre are a gift for the visitor; every time there brings new treasures to the eye.




Lyme Academy College of Art
Old Lyme, Connecticut  
A dynamic, creative center of learning as well as a place with unusual shows, with growth in vigorous teaching the visual arts.




Lyman Allyn Museum 
New London, Connecticut  
A regional museum that is emerging in importance and is developing an important collection.




Metropolitan Museum of Art
New York, New York 
A gourmet feast of world art that is readily accessible.





The Museum of Modern Art 
New York, New York 
Able to constantly give both the background of modern art as well as exhibiting what is current.





Morgan Library 
New York, New York
This venue always delights and surprises me with its rare small exhibits of AAA quality in all types of visual arts.




National Museum of Women in the Arts 
Washington, District of Columbia 
A genuinely outstanding outreach and exposure of women in the arts both in their variety of views current and historic.






San Francisco Bay Area 
What can I say…I grew up here and the resources and museums, universities and schools are awesome with never a dull moment.




Whitney Museum of American Art 
New York, New York
The rich and ongoing dynamic of American art past and present of which I am a part.





Yale Art Museum 
New Haven, Connecticut
Beautiful museum which is an exquisite setting for a variety of tastefully and selectively chosen historic and modern exhibits.